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Ogo is a registered nurse (RN) with years of experience in Nurse Management, she has a passion to see people get healthy and live a vibrant disease free life . Ryan Hennes is a Canadian, a retired farmer  he enjoys  fishing, hiking, hunting, and  traveling . Together, Ryan and Ogo endeavor to enjoy the life they’ve earned and teach others how to battle their debilitating diseases.

Thanks to their natural remedies and  integrative protocols, they are still alive today…and very healthy as well! They are here to help you. Let their life experiences work for you. It may just be the best decision that you ever make! They can help you achieve your goal and beat or prevent that illness…All Naturally!

Meet Ryan and Ogo

Meet Ryan and Ogo

Ryan’s story:

The Diagnosis

One day I am OK, the next day I am handed a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a form of Cancer. As if hearing this death sentence wasn’t enough, then they tell me there is no cure. What a shocker! My heart was racing a mile-a-minute. All kinds of thoughts going through my mind. Is this it? Is this the thing that is going to kill me? This was in June, 2005, and I was not going to give up without a fight. I was aware that I had other family members that had died from this condition.

At This Point, I Will Try Anything

I made up my mind that I was going to have to keep an open mind, and basically, try anything. Chelation Therapy was supposed to be great, so I was off to Tijuana, Mexico, to give it a try. My Chelation Therapy took 21-days, and I believe it helped slow the Cancer down. After that, I was taking about 70-pills a day of vitamins, and mineral supplements for the next seven years.

In 2011, I noticed a lump on the side of my neck. Of course, I instantly knew that this can’t be good. My doctor did a needle biopsy, and then it grew from the size of a grape to the size of a golf ball in a matter of weeks. Then my doctor ordered an open-biopsy, at which time they removed it on August 24, 2011. A few days later, we were off to a cancer center in Saskatchewan, Canada, to learn the results of the biopsy. When my wife and I arrived at the cancer center, we were horrified by the appearance of the patients. They looked like they just walked out of Hiroshima or something.

It was ghastly looking, they were horribly pale and sickly looking, like the “Walking Dead”. It was scary, and we said that whatever treatment they were on, we want to avoid. Instead of good news, we were to hear the worst of the worst. The indolent Cancer that I had for the past seven years had transformed into a very aggressive form of fatal Cancer called Diffused Large B-Cell Lymphoma, also known as Ritchter’s Transformation. Of course, you would figure that it is incurable, just my luck! Initially, the doctors did not tell us that it was incurable, instead, they said that I had a 70% chance of survival if I took the full course of Chemo (CHOP-R), followed by a Bone Marrow Transplant.

Doctors Put Pressure On Me

They wanted me to start chemotherapy the next day. It was unreal, they put so much pressure on us to get started immediately, and they wouldn’t even give us a chance to decide on what to do. My wife finally asked the doctor to please give us three months to try alternative/integrative medicine, and if it didn’t work then we will come back and start the full dose chemo.

The doctor became irate with my wife, and told her that if I did not begin chemo NOW, I would be dead in 30-days! We were in shock, everything was going to fast. They would not even give us time to think so we could make an informed decision. The pressure from the doctor was overwhelming, and we were so frightened and intimidated that we gave in, and gave permission to begin the full dose of chemo and have a bone-marrow transplant.

When we got home that day, my wife went on the Internet and researched Diffused Large B-Cell Lymphoma, and found out that the survival rate was very good, 70% if you take the chemo and bone marrow transplant, we were very happy and decided to go ahead with the treatment. But we wanted to go to British Columbia, the province in Canada that we use to live in, because it was warmer, and would be easier for my wife in terms of driving. Saskatchewan, where we live, is three hours from the cancer center, and I also have some relatives there. So we told the cancer clinic in Saskatchewan to transfer my file to the cancer center in British Columbia, we found out later that this transfer infuriated the doctor.

Chemo Is Truly A Nightmare

I started the chemotherapy and became so sick that I lost all my hair, I began to look like one of those patients we saw in the other cancer clinic on the day of my diagnosis. This was just my second round of chemo, and I needed four more rounds before they would put me in the hospital and give me the maximum doses of chemo. That will wipe out my entire immune system. Then they will give me a bone marrow transplant, in which we discovered the survival rate is only 30%.

After the second chemo, we came for a follow-up appointment with the Oncologist/Hematologist. My wife said to him: “So the survival rate is 70%, as we were told by the doctor in the Saskatchewan hospital”. The doctor told her that the 70% survival rate does not apply to me, because my cancer is not just Diffused B-Cell Lymphoma, but that it has
transformed into Richter’s. My wife just said: “Richter’s what?”. That was the first time we heard that word.

The first doctor NEVER told us about this Richter’s Transformation, nor did he care to explain anything to us. All he cared about was that I started chemotherapy the next day. So, in horror, we asked this second doctor if my chances of survival were not 70%, then what was it, he said 50%. Wow! we’re in shock, dumbfounded, but we still had hope, 50% of survival was still better than nothing, but totally flabergasted and despondent that the first doctor lied to us!

Now I Have A Death Sentence

My sweet wife went home that night and went back on the Internet, and started to research this new diagnosis that was thrown at us. She was up all night reading everything she could find about this Richter’s Transformation. To her shock, she found out that this kind of cancer was incurable and that even with six rounds of chemotherapy, and then deadly bone marrow transplant, that I only had 6 to 8 months at most to live. That was pretty intense news.

We couldn’t understand why the doctors would not tell us the truth. They were willing to let me suffer through the ravages of chemo, and the bone-marrow transplant. All this knowing full well that only 30% survive the bone-marrow transplant. After they destroy my immune system, I am lucky if I survive 6-8 months. During that time period,
I would be like the walking dead. This is insanity.

Armed with this new discovery by my wife, we made an appointment to go and speak ti this doctor again concerning our new information. At the meeting, my wife told him what she had learned from her research. She asked him if it was true that with Richter’s Transformation, and after all of the horrendous procedures, that I would only have 6-8 months to live. When my wife posed this question, he looked at her and told her he will not answer her questions.

My first reaction was to feel like giving him a piece of my mind, a big piece. Did she ask him why not? His reply was that he can only answer the question if asked by myself. How dumb is that? My wife knew right away what was going on. He was just attempting to intimidate her a little more, but she finally looked at me, and said: “Honey, ask him the question”.

So I asked the same question, and he said: “Are you sure you really want to know?”, after I said that I did, he said: “YES, it is true that you only have 6-8 months to live after the chemo and bone-marrow transplant”.

The Mainstream Medical Establishment Is Geared Towards Profit……..Not Healing!

So the question is why do doctors have no compassion about patient-suffering when the gain in health & longevity is so minimal. Why can’t they just be honest, so you can make an informed decision? Well, the answer is obvious….Money! This is big bucks to those guys. They have their own private “racket”, not “practice”. They
wanted me to have these treatments to enrich themselves, it is called “GREED”.

One doctor that we met on our journey to recovery told us that a cancer patient is worth from $150,000 to a million dollars to a doctor. Now you know why they want you to start chemotherapy the next day, it is all about how much they will make. They don’t care whether you make it or not if you die you just become another statistic and they have made their money. I know it sounds a little pessimistic, but there are examples of this all over the place, in almost every family.

We Finally Took Control

Needless to say that after this meeting with the doctor, we decided to stop all of their treatments. My wife went online night and day looking for ways to save my life, without conventional therapy. After sleepless nights and researching for hours on end, she found out about doctors that use integrative modalities to cure cancer, Thank
God for the Internet, and Suzanne Sommer’s book, “Knock Out Cancer”, we were able to get help immediately to save my life.

It is sad to say that there are integrative doctors that have cancer treatment centers that can cure cancer without destroying the immune system, but the insurance companies will not pay for the treatment, which will cost about $30,000 for 3 months of intensive treatment, but the insurance companies will pay thousands to a million
dollars for one cancer patient for chemotherapy, which doesn’t have a very good track record.

We learned from Dr. Lorriane Day, that the doctors were taught in medical school that Stage IV Cancer does not respond to conventional chemotherapy. And yet, the doctors still go ahead and give it to innocent victims and send them faster to their graves. Also, we know that by their own admission and statistics, that ONLY 2% of patients with Stage IV Cancer will survive. WHY PUT THEM THROUGH THIS, IF IT IS NOT GOING TO SAVE THEIR LIVES!

Thanks-be to the Lord that I am still alive and doing really well after the doctors gave me 30-days to live, on the 24th of August, 2011. It has been almost two years, and the CT scan has shown that the tumors in my body have shrunk so much, that my wonderful Oncologist, who practices integrative medicine, said that I am in remission. No new tumors have come up since I started the integrative treatment, and I was NEVER sick during my treatment like I was when I was taking conventional Chemo.

Instead of losing hair, you grow a lot of hair because of the supplement they give you via intravenous, that helps to boost your immune system and not destroy it. I have been able to continue working throughout my treatment. I am living my life to the fullest without any sickness, as God intended for me. The only illness I have had in these past two years was only a common cold. My wife always complains that she can’t keep up with me because I have too much energy. I no longer have a death sentence of ONE MONTH TO LIVE, I now have a LIFE sentence!



If we had not taken matters into our own hands, I would be six feet under right now. Just think about it, are you willing to turn your one chance in a lifetime to survive this deadly disease over to a medical-establishment that thrives on selling you treatments and therapies that won’t make you live longer, or if they give you a little extra time, you will be so ill, you will wish you were dead.

Don’t succumb to your illness, you can live again. For more information on our one on one counseling services, click here.


You are about to read a True Story that will change the way you think about the mainstream medical-establishment for the rest of your life. My story will hopefully make people understand that sometimes a few seconds, and the wrong decision, could kill you. If only I had just done a little homework, I could have spared myself of almost dying. But this is also a story of growth, empowerment and finally…….. Survival.

It’s not that I shouldn’t have known better, after all, I was a Registered Nurse. I worked with a lot of Physicians, and I took their word as the Gospel. Little did I know that when they are wrong, they can really be wrong. At the age of 45, I was energetic, vibrant, and had a love of life.

For three-years, I had Saline Breast Implants, without a problem. Then I decided to get them reduced in size. My doctor told me I should switch to Silicone Implants. The fact that my medical-doctor was suggesting Silicone over Saline should have been a “Red Flag”, but I trusted in his advice. That was the biggest mistake I ever made in my entire life, and it almost killed me.

Based on the advice of my not to a savvy doctor, the procedure was scheduled. When I think how easy it would have been to just do a “search” on the Internet, it upsets me. After the procedure, everything was fine. A few months later, I had a routine mammogram. The Technician did not seem to know what she was doing. She did not know how to treat breasts with implants. Mamogram’s produce a lot of pressure, and I believe this is when one of my Silicone Implants must have ruptured.

I Can’t Breathe……What Is Wrong?

One day, suddenly I had a shortness of breath. This was the beginning of the downward spiral into a severe illness. Everything I attempted to do became a struggle. I could not walk a long distance without gasping for breath. Everyday activities, like simply covering myself in bed with a blanket became a major task.

It wasn’t more than a few weeks when my condition worsened. Being that I am a Registered Nurse, I knew what should be done. My primary physician was a very good friend, so I asked that he perform a Pulmonary Function Test.

The Condition Of My Lungs Shocked Everybody

My primary care physician referred me to a Respiratory Therapist, who performed the test on my lungs. I was unable to any pulmonary functioning on the machine, and the Respiratory Therapist was truly shocked at the results, which showed that my lungs had deteriorated quite rapidly. She placed an urgent call to my doctor, and I overheard: “These woman look beautiful and well-dressed, but she is a very sick woman”. I was sent back to immediately see my doctor.

My Primary Care Physician sent me to a specialist who performed Cat-Scans and X-rays. The tests revealed that I had damage to my lungs called Fibrosis. At the same time, I also began to experience tightness in my skin, and my hands were turning into leather. It was difficult to grasp what was happening to my body. Then the itching and burning began.

Is There No Help For Me?

None of the doctors knew what was wrong with my skin. All these physicians, with the years of education and experience, and nobody has any ideas about what the problem is. The pulmonary specialist prescribed steroids (prednisone), nebulizer treatments and inhalers. It was all a waste, nothing helped, it just got worse.

I had the shock of my life when I was on a trip to Las Vegas with my husband. When we went to see the Grand Canyon, I found that I could not make it back to the bus, which was not that far away. The bus had to wait for me, as I watched eighty-year olds walk past me. It became a struggle to get back to the bus, gasping for air. I had tears in my eyes. Deep inside of me, I knew I was dying.

I Can’t Live Like This…….Something Must Be Done To Save My Life

My husband thought that I might be having a reaction to mold within the apartment that we were renting at the time. He wanted me to return to Canada in hopes of my symptoms getting better. After I got back to Canada, I saw that my symptoms were getting worse, not better. I thought we could rule out the mold theory.

My skin was getting so tight that I had trouble holding a fork. I went to see a Pulmonologist again, but the only thing he could do for me was to tell me to continue taking steroids. Deep inside I was scared, as I knew I was dying a slow death. I was very frustrated, nobody knew what was wrong with me. All they could suggest was to cut me open, and do a lung-biopsy in order to make a diagnosis. I wasn’t going to let that happen.

I prayed all the time, with all my might. And I asked God what is it I did to deserve this? I kept my faith, but I wanted to understand …….. why me? One day when I was in Church…..God spoke to me and told me to check my breasts. Up until this time, the thought that my implants might be the problem never entered my mind. I knew God had spoken to me, and I thanked him.

Getting Closer To A Diagnosis

As soon as I got home, I somehow managed to research: “infected breast implants”. I then saw hundreds of websites featuring women who have had what’s known as “silicone poisoning”. I spent all night reading stories of women who have been sick for years from silicone breast implants. Some of them had been in Comas, some in wheelchairs. Many disabled and unable to work. Some lost their husbands, homes and very livelihood.

I was getting very excited that just maybe, I have found the cause of all of this misery. It is outrageous that no one has ever mentioned all of the side-effects that silicone can induce. On one of the websites, I obtained the contact information of three doctors who could safely remove my breast implants. I chose a doctor in Atlanta because she was a woman with more experience, and I felt good about her.

I called Doctor S, and she immediately asked me questions that confirmed my dilemma. “Are you having Shortness of Breath, problems swallowing? Is your skin tight? ( I couldn’t even do squats). You have Silicone Toxicity and you better get those things out of your body, or they will kill you”. Within a few days, I arranged to have the implants “explanted”, for a cost of about $15,000. I was desperate, but I felt I was finally on the right track.

When I came down to Atlanta, the doctor took one look at me, and told me that I had Scleroderma. The other two doctors told me I had Sarcudosis, but when I researched it, none of the symptoms matched mine. My surgery was scheduled within three days. The doctor ordered pre-operative testing, and when they did an EKG, it showed that I had an Enlarged Heart.


Add Scleroderma To The List

I had one of the worst cases of Scleroderma that anybody had seen in a long time. A woman who was in a coma from this told me that if I wanted to live, go to Dr. S. After the results of the EKG, Dr. S decided she could not do surgery until I went to lung and heart specialists.

At this point I didn’t know that the Scleroderma was also affecting my heart. I flew back to Atlanta to see my Pulmonologist again. My doctor did a Cat Scan that showed that my lungs had gotten worse, so bad that he put me on Oxygen immediately. Years later, I came across his office-notes, which were very revealing, I found that he had written that I was advised that: “THIS WOMAN NEEDS A LUNG TRANSPLANT, OR SHE WILL DIE.”

When I confronted him about the correlation between my breast implant and this terrible disease, he avoided the obvious correlation, but he referred me to a Rheumatologist. When the Rheumatologist looked at me, he asked me: “Do you understand that you have a really, really severe problem?”. He seemed very troubled, and confronted me again: “Do you understand what you really have?”, “No, you do not understand”. “Do you understand that this is going to kill you?”. He seemed upset with me because he expected me to be crying. He regarded my apathy for confusion, and reiterated the severity of the situation.

I said: “Instead of being upset, how can you help me?”. I stood up and started to tell him how aware I was. When I started explaining the details of Scleroderma, he turned around and said: “You are very smart, what nursing school did you go to?”. I replied, “Well, it’s not about nursing school .. I had to do my own research for this”. And truly, I researched everything there was to research pertaining to Autoimmune Disease.

I Received Some Devastating News

He said: “The only treatment that he can give me is CYTOXIN.” BUT, I CAN’T FIND IT IN MY HEART TO GIVE THIS KIND OF MEDICATION TO YOU ,BECAUSE IT WILL KILL YOU. YOU WILL DIE IN A FEW MONTHS, BECAUSE CYTOXIN HAS A SIDE EFFECT OF DESTROYING THE LUNGS. And because your lungs are already involved, you would not stand a chance.

He referred me to John Hopkins University in NY, where I can do Trial Medications (which is the worst thing to do, come to learn).

The Doctors Are Protecting The Big Pharma Companies

When I presented him the papers with the effects of silicone poisoning, and it’s a correlation to my disease, he turned into my enemy immediately, and nearly threw me out of his office. I thought this was a very odd reaction to me sharing information with him. My Pulmonologist, however, was willing to give me the Cytoxin. But I immediately refused.

I went to see a cardiologist in New Jersey ,who did an Echocardiogram. He told me he would like to know what happens with my case, because it was: “Very Interesting”. Again, this man who was my friend, INSTANTLY turned against me when I mentioned that my problem might be from the breast implants. I made another immediate enemy, and could not understand why they were reacting like that. I was hurt, this was like “The Good-Old Boys Club”. They do not want to hear anything that questions the ethics of the pharmaceutical industry, nor the FDA, or Medical Boards.

A Turn For The Worse: Sinus Tachycardia

I went back to Atlanta, and met with Dr. S, who would do the surgery, only to find out that she could not perform the surgery because I now has Sinus Tachycardia.(which could lead to a heart attack). Now, I’m on oxygen, 24-hours a day. Within the next few months of coming back from New Jersey, my health became markedly worse.

I did not know that with my medical condition, Dr.S could not operate on me outside of a hospital. At this point, my health plunged, and I had to use a wheelchair, oxygen, and one day my heart rate was 238 bpm. A normal heart-rate is 60 to 80.This is called Atrial Fibrillation, a very deadly occurrence. DR. S sent me to another Cardiologist in Atlanta.


I told the cardiologist that I experienced Atrial Fib, and he reprimanded me, saying such was not even possible. I confronted him, asking him to give me a Holter monitor. (A machine that checks your heartbeat and breathing for 24-hrs). His jaw dropped when he saw that I was correct, and he sent me IMMEDIATELY to the teaching hospital which was more qualified to handle me.

***IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE AND FIGHT FOR YOU LIFE. RESEARCH AND GET AN UNDERSTANDING, NOT ONLY GO BY WHAT YOU ARE TOLD ABOUT YOUR CONDITION, BUT BECOME EMPOWERED WITH KNOWLEDGE.” If President Clinton had to go online to research how to save his life, when he had four failed Coronary Bypass, who are we to do less!

He wrote a letter to Dr.S saying that I need to have the SILICONE taken out in 10 days. It is becoming increasingly difficult to emotionally deal with all of this, how much could I take?

The Surgery Goes Well….But…

My surgery was so involved, that they needed to have a Pulmonologist AND a Cardiologist present in case of any emergency. The surgery went well, but two days afterward, I started to have heart trouble again and was rushed back to the ICU. I will never forget the FEAR I experienced when I could feel my heart within me turning, and the nurses took their merry time as I cried aloud, and couldn’t even catch my breath. “God, don’t let me die like this, don’t let me die like this”. They rushed me to the ICU and started me on IV Cardizem.

As I witnessed all of these intricate medical processes taking place in my behalf, I kept thinking: “All of this just to keep me alive, but where is the cure?” In the midst of all of this medical-insanity, my daughter, who is into alternative treatments, told me what to do, but as a Registered Nurse, I would not hear it.

My Daughter Saved My Life

My daughter was on her way to becoming a Medical Doctor, but in the process, discovered alternative treatments through her friend! This is how God used my daughter to save my life. With problems like mine, food, vitamins and supplements were the very least of my worries, and seemed like a joke. Still, she began Juicing for me, and I believe to this day that it kept me going during that time.

Finally, when my heart-rate reached 230, I told my daughter that I would do anything to get well. She said that I had to change my diet, and cut down on eating meat, and that immediately did me in. I did not want to talk to her, and was severely offended by this comment. I felt that I would NEVER give up meat, especially now, and could feel my anger bubbling within. I warned her to never say that to me ever again! In retrospect, I can’t believe that I took that stance. How wrong I was!

By this time, I paid for my daughter to go to a program called Hallelujah Acres. She bought a blender, green powdery supplements, etc. Instead of swallowing my pride, I went behind her back to try the green powder, quadrupling the needed amount, but also adding Pina Colada and some alcohol to taste. It didn’t work, of course. I later realized that wellness was to become a lifestyle, not a Fad.

I humbled myself, went to my daughter who I knew had answers, and sincerely asked her what to do to become well. She gave me one of Dr. Lorraine Day’s CDs. Being able to hear from a medical doctor, who had proven documentation and pictures of her cancer, cure herself with alternative treatments, was incredible. After listening to what she had to say, I knew I would be stupid if I didn’t start to act and change my diet to help save my life.

If you are suffering from an ailment that you cannot seem to cure, I urge you to contact me today. Let my life experiences work to your benefit. Click here to find out more about my one on one counseling.

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