Success Stories

I was referred to Ogo by a friend. I have tumors growing in my bladder. They were not cancerous at the time, but I was worried that if I was not proactive, then very soon those benign tumors might become malignant. Ogo helped me learn how to eat to live and today I am doing very well. My lab results are much improved and my tumors have been disappearing. Even though my husband is in healthcare, we previously never explored the approach of using targeted supplements and specific food as medicine. I could not be more grateful for meeting Ogo and applying what I've learned--it has truly changed my life.
I am a single parent raising teenage children while running a really busy business. I never felt like I had the time to make healthy meals at home, so I ate out most of the time. Fast food was a staple in my home and I was drinking lots of soda every day. I was sick all the time, but did not know how, or what, to change. Things finally changed when I heard Ogo share in our church on how to beat disease with nutrition. She helped me completely change my eating habits, and I am healthier today because of her. I have been able to overcome many of the health challenges that I faced. Thanks Ogo for sharing what you went through and saving lives.
Bro Ken
Oh God uses men to bless men. He gave gifts to men. To me and my family, aunty you are a gift. You held our hands through the most confusing time for us- after my father was diagnosed with prostrate cancer we were in confusion. What do we do? We wanted the best available- doctors, hospitals, lifestyle changes most especially in area of food. A friend of mine told me about Ogo and how closely she is working with her mum to fight cancer. I scheduled a meeting. After our first meeting I knew we had to work with you Aunty. Your interest in the wellbeing of my father, there is no aspect of his health that you are not knowledgeable in. Your genuine care and interest in making sure he recovers and beats cancer fully. Daily it amazes me how you care for us, it is beyond what money can pay for. You genuinely care. My Dad's life has changed for the best. He is healthier now than he has ever been his whole life. The lifestyle changes you instructed we implement, you send videos when we don't get it, you send recipes for his meals, you send us pictures, you even send us addresses where we can get supplements or anything needed for my Dad's wellbeing, you are available 24/7. I can send a message or call at any time/day. You follow up so thoroughly, you are truly involved. Thank you Ogo for loving us sincerely. Daddy is doing so much better, his doctors are amazed. One of his doctors said to him after radiotherapy: "I wish other patients would recover as fast as you". We know it is all paying off. Aunty, we are so grateful for the gift of you and thank you for working closely with us and holding our hands through it all. We love you.
Ifunanya N.