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Reboost Health was founded by Ogonna and Ryan, both survivors of end stage cancer and autoimmune disease.

Thanks to detoxification treatments and integrative supplementation, we are still alive today…and healthy as well! We founded this center to share the expertise we acquired on our journey to health with others who seek a new path to well-being. Whether you need to prevent disease or recover from an existing chronic disease or illness, or simply want some guidance, we can help you achieve your goal! We will show you a natural way to better health that does not rely on the use of expensive prescription medications and their possible side-effects.


We believe that a living, enzyme-rich diet – complemented by exercise, detoxification, positive thinking, and non-invasive therapies – is integral to optimum health and Mind, Body, and Spirit balance.


To create public awareness that people must take increasing responsibility for the management of their own health. To provide the essential information needed by people, educate people to be their own advocate. We believe that Education is Medication, when you know better you do better.


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