Discover the secretes that I used to reverse my aggressive end stage autoimmune disease, when I was given no hope of survival.

Personalized, One-on-One Wellness Coaching to Help Empower and Support Individuals Struggling with Difficult Autoimmune Diagnoses

MY GOAL: To help you discover how to be your own advocate and live your best life ever by healing your body from within, using a combination of integrative and functional medicine along with lifestyle changes.


I Am Here For You!

No one goes through life expecting that their immune system, the very system within your body that’s designed to protect you, will suddenly turn on you and attack you. No matter whether you’re dealing with arthritis, scleroderma, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis or any other type of chronic autoimmune condition, I’ll work with you to provide expert resources and personal attention that can help you navigate the confusing and oftentimes cumbersome world of conventional medicine to #BeYourOwnAdvocate.

Together, we will formulate a plan that will effectively “reset”your immune system, so that it doesn’t see your body as a foreign invader. By slowing or even stopping and possibly reversing the disease’s progression, you’ll enjoy a greater quality of life. This multi-pronged "plan of attack” works not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

I call this plan of attack the Autoimmune Disease Reversal Coaching (ADR Coaching for short).


What is ADR Coaching?

Just as a sports coach helps athletes perform at the peak of their potential, I help patients with autoimmune diseases, thrive despite seemingly overwhelming odds. I will work with you to formulate a customized and individualized plan that is designed to nourish and support you in your body’s fight against your disease, so that we can REVERSE your diagnosis.This means you’ll receive not only the tools you need to reach your health goals, but also gain a deeper understanding of how multi-disciplinary efforts work together to help your body heal itself These include:

Therapeutic nutrition

Stress and anxiety reduction

Supervised supplementation

​Psychological and social support

Specialized exercise

​Proper hydration and much more


Here's A Little About Me

My name is Ogo Hennes

I am a Registered Nurse (RN) and a survivor of an end stage aggressive Scleroderma (autoimmune disease)., I discovered a protocol that helped healed my body and stopped my husband’s stage IV aggressive cancer and put him into remission, ten years ago, when doctors gave him 30 days to live. Not months or years — days. Today, he is living life to the fullest, and he is just one of the many people I’ve helped.

I’ve worked with individuals and families diagnosed with all types of autoimmune disease. If you’ve just received such a heart-wrenching diagnosis, it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed, uncertain, afraid and angry. I understand what you are going through, I have been there. I am here to hold your hands and help you work through these hard times.

Wellness coaching is more than just eating right, drinking enough water, taking the right supplements and exercising,. It is about having someone in your corner who is battle tested, that has been in your shoes and won! Someone who has gathered tons of  experience through personal trials. Someone who knows what works in the field of Integrative/Functional medicine and what is a total scam. Together, we will work to reclaim your health and save you a lot of money in the process! 

It's Amazing How Much More You Cherish and Appreciate The Little Things In Life...

When You're Given A Second Chance to Live It.

Here Is What You Expect When You Work With Me

During our one-on-one wellness counseling sessions, we will go through your medical history and labs and discuss your treatment options. We’ll work together to determine the best diet to help your body repair and reset itself, forcing helping your immune system get back on track. and stop the spinning hamster wheel that is chasing after diagnoses and feeling like you have nowhere left to turn. Together, we’ll work to improve your well-being: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We’ll take stock of any current limitations that you feel are holding you back, and determine the best path forward in a way that’s individualized precisely for you and your needs. I will recommend cutting edge integrative therapies and where to get them in your state or your country. I will work with your conventional Rheumatologist or your integrative doctor to make sure you are getting the best treatment and therapy for auto-immune treatment. 

This is the exact same protocol I followed to help heal myself when I was diagnosed with end-stage aggressive autoimmune disease. I was given zero, ZERO chance of survival by not one, not two, but NINE different doctors.


As Your Auto-Immune Coach?

If You're Feeling:

Uncertain - You don’t know where to turn for factual, evidence-based information. Everything you hear about auto-immune treatments seems to contradict itself, and the last thing you need is more unproven “advice” from well-meaning friends and family...
Lonely - You don’t want to burden your friends and families, but lately you’ve been feeling like you’re dealing with all of this alone, and it’s crumbling on top of you like a pile of bricks. You feel like you’re going to snap and you can’t take it anymore.
Confused - You don’t know where to start, who to turn to, or what to do to help improve your condition. The last thing you want to do is make things worse.

You should know that you’re not alone. It’s a lot to take in and deal with - especially on top of a serious diagnosis. You need support from someone you can trust and confide in. Someone who is not only in the medical field  but has also gone through the tumultuous ups and downs of a Auto-immune diagnosis , and can help you navigate the twists and turns that this difficult diagnosis can throw at you. Many people have benefited from my experience and my unique training!

You deserve wellness. You deserve peace of mind. I can help provide guidance, advice or just a shoulder to lean on when you feel like it’s all too much.

you can contact me for Autoimmune disease coaching if you’re ready to feel:

Peace of mind - The methods and tools I provide are based on proven medical findings, studies and my own personal experience as a nurse and as a person that beat auto-immune diseases, you can feel secure in my recommendations because they are made based on facts, experience and research — not trends and unproven “junk science”.
Empowerment - As an integrative wellness Coach, I provide deeply meaningful, empowering recommendations on nutrition, diet, wellness and an overall holistic approach to helping your body help itself, alongside proven conventional medical approaches.  My program will empower you to be your own advocate! Our motto is education is medication, if you know better you should do better. I will teach you all you need to know to overcome your condition, in very simple actionable steps that you can start to implement immediately.
Confidence - You’re getting the very best of recommendations and suggestions based on science and fact. These are the same things that saved my life, when the doctors sent me home to die 10 years ago. I have worked with the best of the best integrative doctors in America. Everything I recommend to you has been well-documented, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the absolute best top notch information and advice possible.


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