I’ll never forget the look on my doctor’s face when he gave me the bad news.
He told me to go home and set my affairs in order. They told me there was nothing they could do. That there was no hope.
But I refused to give up. I have children, a husband… too much to live for. And I knew in the bottom of my heart that this wasn’t the end to my story.
Traditional medicine had given up on me. If I wanted to survive, I had to find my own way…
When the conventional doctors gave up on me, and gave me no hope of survival, I was very fortunate to have a strong willed daughter who was involved in functional/integrated medicine, she opened my eyes to other ways of healing my body. Initially I was resistant and skeptical about this way of life, but after arguing with her for maybe days or weeks ( don’t forget that I was a Registered Nurse by profession) Worked in many teaching hospitals, managed different acute care facilities. I had that you can’t tell me nothing attitude when it came to functional/integrative medicine. I knew it all mentality, but I was dying and my colleagues the doctors have given up on me!. Honestly I didn’t really have much choice, I was on a wheelchair, on oxygen 24 hours a day, dying. I finally decided to give this new way of life a try.
After hours and hours of research, tons of prayers and tears, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on alternative treatments, and a whole lot of desperation I stumbled onto a deadly secrete, that it was the plethora of Toxic chemicals in my breast implants were trying to kill me.
It was then I realized that we have been tricked into allowing chemicals into every aspect of our environment.
From our food to our beauty products to our cleaning products, our homes are riddled with chemicals. Over time, these toxins build up in our body and shut down our systems – resulting in chronic disease, cancer, and other serious issues.
Instead of using chemical warfare to fight fire with fire – I turned to something different. Something natural. Something already in my kitchen.
With whole foods, targeted supplementation, detoxification and nutritional therapy I was able to start my healing journey, I have been able to stop the progression of this deadly disease, . I was able to reverse the damage and reboot my health naturally.
I was out of the woods. Or so I thought… Just a few years later, my husband was diagnosed with a deadly cancer and was given 1 month to live.
Once again, traditional medicine had failed us. But it offered us an incredible opportunity – the chance to test my newly discovered theory.
I can happily say that the very same methods that I used to heal myself from a terminal condition healed my husband from terminal cancer. Today I’m thrilled to report that we are both still healthy and working (10 years later). Oh by the way, my husband cancer was induced by his years of exposure to toxic chemical RoundUp as a farmer in Canada
Over the past (10 years), I have dedicated my life to this work. I have helped (dozens) of patients heal from different kinds of debilitating disease like cancer, heart disease , auto immune diseases etc.
Our mission is to teach people how to prevent and reverse chronic disease through, nutritional therapy, detoxification, life style changes, and targeted supplementation. To equip you with all the information you need to thrive and live a vibrant healthy long life.
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